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Der C64 Controller

This is Hardware Extension for a C64 retro computer. (The C64 is a retro hardware from Commodore)

Controls your C64 retro computer. Select Kernal, BASIC and Charset. Select devicenumber of internal SD2IEC drive.

Nessecary Hardware

  • an old C64 computer
  • optionally a internal SD2IEC drive
  • a multi ROM adapter (for example REPROM64)
  • an arduino Nano [3€]
  • an OLED 128x64 display [3€]
  • optionally an I2C LCD display [3€] (16x2, 20x2, 20x4)
  • a Rotary Encoder [1€]

Nessecary Software


  • reset the C64
  • select one of 4 Kernals (and autoreset)
  • optionally select one of 2 BASIC (and autoreset)
  • optionally select one of 4 Charset
  • optionally select device number from 8 Go 11 for an internal drive
  • Info Display