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Amani GTX

Armani GTX Shield

Wie alle Amani Shields ist auch das GTX ein CPLD Shield.

(Open box. The device comes with 7 segment display)

Hardware Features

Programmable Logic Device
  • EPM240 CPLD
  • 240 Logic Elements
  • 3.3V AND 5V Device Compatible
  • 8KB User Flash Memory
  • Integrated USB JTAG-ISP
  • Compatible with 3.3V and 5V Devices
  • 78 digital I/O
  • Full Arduino PB/PC/PD Connector Coverage
  • 6, 8-Bit, 3.3V powered, Digilent PMod Compatible I/O Docks
  • Analog Capable via Pulse-Width and Delta-Sigma Modulation
  • 1 Push-button input/Arduino Reset
  • 2 Dedicated Controllable LEDs
  • Dedicated JTAG In-System Programming Port
  • Board stackable with Arduino, Amani, and other compatible shields
  • DB1/DB2 connectors provide 30 I/O and 3 voltage options to daughter cards
  • Comes Standard with 64MHz Oscillator
  • Available pad for user-installed oscillator, up to 300MHz
  • Additional clock can be supplied by Arduino
  • Off-Board clocks available via Digital I/O
  • On-board 3.3V Regulator Can be powered by:
  • J6 Off-Board Power Connector
  • USB 5V
  • Arduino 5V JPower Input
  • Board may be powered by Arduino 3.3V JPower Input
  • Board can provide power to Arduino and other shields via Vaux Connection